When do we ship?
We ship orders weekly by every Friday. Orders must be placed by Sunday at 8:00 am PST to be included. Any orders after that time will be baked/shipped the following week. This applies to regular and subscription orders

Local delivery and pickup options
Local delivery is offered within a 8-mile radius of Roseville, CA, 95747.
Local pickup is currently not offered at this time.

How are your products shipped?
Since we are a small business, we cannot afford to ship our products in climate controlled packaging, as temperatures get warmer in seasonal months. There is nothing to prevent our chocolate cookies from softening. The cookies are temperature stable, however, they WILL melt if left in a hot truck, warehouse, porch and/or mailbox. You can throw the cookies in the fridge for an hour to bring them back to texture. We cannot control the temperature in which USPS ships. Please keep an eye on your tracking number to ensure your order is not left on a door step or in your mailbox for hours.

How can you claim your cookies are zero sugar/sugar free when the ingredients on some of your cookies contain sugar?
This is a great question and one we receive commonly. The simple answer is we don't make this claim. Our cookies contain less than "one gram" of sugar per serving (single cookie). We do this based on the FDA/USDA's definition of ingredient quantities in food labels. If any product contains less than a gram of a specific ingredient it is listed on the food label as "0g". We always do our very best to develop our recipes to include less than 1g of sugar per serving. This is achieved by using very minimal amounts of products that contain sugar in recipes. Our base dough along with any ingredients we create in our company never contain sugar as an ingredient. 

Nutritional Information
All cookies contain nutritional information. Please understand that the nutritional values calculated are to the best of our abilities, as we are a small business of two and we cannot afford to have our products lab tested at this time. We do fall under small business FDA/USDA exemptions pertaining to this matter.

Product Life Cycle?
Cookie flavors are subject to rotation to allow new flavors to be incorporated. This is a standard practice across most home based/small businesses.

Product Shelf Life?
Our cookies should be stored at room temperature, with an expected shelf life of one month (30 days) in their unopened heat sealed bags. Our cookies can be stored in the freezer to extend their shelf life for up to 6 months.